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Welcome to the Homeowners’ Association section! The Homeowner’s Association is encouraged to share information with the entire community by posting information in this unique portion of the neighborhood website. If you are a member of the Homeowner’s Association, you may save costs by posting your newsletter.

This is a great forum to reach all of the members of the neighborhood! We encourage you to embrace this portion of the neighborhood website!

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    Homeowners Association News and Events

  • Annual HOA Dues
    For any questions concerning your annual HOA dues please contact:

    Kurt Reynolds
    Saratoga Woods Association Manager
    Phone: 502-491-3550 ext. 303
    Fax: 502-491-3551
    Email kurt@cmaky.com
  • SW Homeowners' Association Board Of Directors E-mail Address: saratogawoods@gmail.com
    EMAIL the Board Of Directors

    President: Jason Vander Pol
    Vice President: Mark Kubancik
    Secretary: Elisa Karem
    Treasurer: Elissa Morsovillo
    Director: Russ Childers
    Director: Barbara Basham
    Director: Kathy Bailey
    Director: Paul Fisher
    Director: Elissa Morsovillo
    Director: Scott Grant
  • Common Ground Maintenance
    Includes garbage, recycling, yard waste & common ground maintenance
  • Parking
    Deed Restrictions as noted in SWHA - '...No automobile which is inoperable may be parked habitually or repeatedly parked ...on any street...' key work is inoperable!
    'No vehicle, except an automobile, can be parked in excess of 24 hrs in a month.' key words - except & excess (If it moves at 00:30 and back at 04:00 its good) as stated in the bylaws. Now a Private Parking lot with 60-80 empty parking spots, you can get towed! Common sense sometimes gets lost in our fear of litigation.
  • Louisville Metro Speed Hump Guidelines
  • HOA email list...
    The Board of Directors would like to begin sending pertinent
    information regarding Saratoga Woods Community to its residents.
    If you are interested in receiving this information along with electronic newsletters,
    please send your email address to Community Management Associates at travis@cmaky.com.
  • Saratoga Woods-LMPD Solicitation Guidelines
  • Pool and Clubhouse Contact Information
    For questions regarding the pool and clubhouse contact your Saratoga Woods HOA Board at saratogawoods@gmail.com
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